Mission & Evangelization


Mission & Evangelization offers the truth about what Jesus Christ would think, say or do in our day and age. It opens an alternative door to the one the world offers. To walk through or to walk away? You decide.

Not so long ago, I had this conversation with a friend (unknown). Read On..Unknown: hey! Where do you disappear to, every lunch time?Catholic: urr… I go visit a friend.

Unknown: and you visit this friend daily?

Catholic: Yup!

Unknown: wow! Must be some friend! What has he done to deserve this attention?

Catholic: u mean other than being a friend who is always there for me,
he did do something like put his own life on the line by being tortured,
insulted, spitted on, dressed up with thorns, hanging on a tree, thirsty
and fed with vinegar, pierced with a spear, bled water and blood
for the sake of people who rejected him.

Unknown: oh… That guy.. Heard of him.. I also heard that he belongs
to the past and has no relevance now.. What say you?

Catholic: yeah.. I also heard that faith, hope and love are things
that belong in the past as well.. Yet… Everyone seems to be
chasing after it all the time.. but always looking at the wrong places.

Unknown: something to think about eh?

Contact person
Mr Joseph Yeo
Tel: 016-8648866

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