The Ministry of Church Wardens

The Ministry of Church Wardens (or some time called ushers) is perhaps one of the toughest liturgical ministries because it demands gentleness at the same time firmness in dealing with at times demanding parishioners. These volunteers try their best to provide hospitality to those who come to the Worshipping assembly at the same time maintaining some orders throughout the Sunday and feast-day celebrations.

Our parish has three groups of Church Wardens, namely, the Sunset, Sunday Morning and Sunday evening Church Wardens. Each group has their own leader and assistant leader who are appointed by the Rector. They work under the Leadership of Chief Warden. During big feast-day celebrations, the Church Wardens of various mass groups join force and work together to provide the necessary services to the liturgical assembly.

Contact persons
Chief Warden Mr. Frederick Kuek 013-8085 147
Sunset Mass
Leader Mr. Simon Seng 014-6996 532
Assistant Leader Mr. Lawrence Kuek
Mr. Damian Ho
013-8169 419
Sunday Morning Mass
Leader Mr. Frederick Kuek 013-8085147
Assistant Leader Mr. Dennis Chin
Mr. David Lim
Sunday Evening Mass
Leader Mr. Dennis Ho 019-8881 964
Assistant Leader Mr. Matthew Eden 019-8197 748

Interested parishioners are cordially invited
to join & participate in the Warden Ministry:

Please register with wardens after Mass
[ Saturday – Sunset / Sunday – Morning & Evening ]
Person-in-charge :
Frederick Kuek [ Chief Warden ]
[ 013-808 5147 ]

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