Café Ministry in St Peter’s Parish

The Café Ministry was formed on 1 March 2008 with the following  Vision, Mission and Objective.


A Ministry striving to provide a relaxing, warm, friendly environment, making parishioners feel special and welcomed and have an enriching experience.


To be a source of inspiration and to provide a platform in helping
parishioners to grow in their faith and sharing life experiences and
support, with great determination to instill Love, sharpen one’s Faith, encourage Hope and create deeper understanding of God.


To inculcate the importance of deepening and living our Catholic Faith through fellowship. To encourage reflective prayers and silent meditations, to reveal the true nature of Jesus through conversion of hearts, to love purely, humbly and generously in order to make a difference to all so that the true meaning of Christian living is eminent and thereby, able to remain in God’s love and holiness and shining the Light of Christ to all.


Café stands for Catholic Faith Exploration.

The Café program is designed to help parishes create:

Discipleship – Helping Catholics to get more enthusiastic about their faith in Jesus Christ.

Community – Creating and nourishing small groups where people can share and grow together.

Evangelisation – Empowering Catholics to make more of a difference in the world around them.

Module 1a Knowing God Better.
Module 1b Knowing God even Better.
Contact person
Abraham Choo

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