The St Peter’s Church Parish Council has a sub-committee called the Development Sub- committee that looks after the furniture and fixtures, fittings and Church compound.

The scope of the Development sub-committee is to maintain and arrange for repairs to fixtures and furnishings, fittings of the Church and ancillary buildings, and to propose replacement for defective and faulty electrical and mechanical appliances to the Rector of the Church. The maintenance of the Church compound also come under the Development sub-committee. All needs of the Council for any proposed alterations and renovations to the Church and ancillary buildings are channeled through this committee.

The Development sub-committee also extends its assistance to offer advices to the outpost, Our Lady, Star of the Sea Chapel, Bintawa.

There are now plans to build a new Chapel in Bintawa and the Committee is assisting the Bintawa Catholic Community to look into the design of the Chapel.

Additionally, the Development sub-committee is also currently studying the layout of the existing St Peter’s church and will develop a Master Plan to build a new Church and all ancillaries for the use of the Parish.

Contact person
Mr. Victor Chin
HP: 012-887 1412

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