Extra-Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion

These are persons selected and trained by the Parish Priest to assist him during the Eucharistic Celebration when the number of parishioners who might be coming for Holy Communion is too large. To distribute Holy Communion on his own in this case might take too long a time.

In our Archdiocese, their appointment comes from the Archbishop with the recommendation of the Parish Priest. They are “extra-ordinary” because the “ordinary” minister of Holy Communion is an ordained minister – i.e. Deacon, priest or Bishop. The Parish Priest might appoint among the Extra-ordinary ministers, some to assist him in bringing Holy Communion to housebound parishioners, who cannot come to Church because of sickness or old age. If you know of persons with such need, please contact our Parish Office (tel -082-429140) so that arrangement can be done for them.

Contact persons
William Chang
Assistant Co-ordinator:
Martin Chai

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