[Jun-2019] Ladies Guild

St. Peter’s Ladies’ Guild was founded by Reverend Sister Ita Ling in 1976. Part of the Objectives of its formation was to uphold the dignity of women in the Parish and to provide for them an arena in which they could belong and can have a place to express themselves in contributing to the liturgical and pastoral works of the church.

The Guild is member of the Kuching Archdiocesan Ladies’ Guild. Our Vice President is holding the post of Treasurer in the Archdiocesan Ladies’ Guild.

The Guild at present has 42 members. Monthly meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month in St Peter’s Parish Centre.

Our activities include annual outing, helping to provide the food at the Chinese New Year Open House, Home visiting, and Lenten Pilgrimage to name a few.

Some of our members are involved in the Liturgical Ministries such as the Choir and Readers and Commentators. Some are also involved in the CAFE’ workshops.

We hope to recruit new members especially the younger set so that more parishioners may be given the chance to participate actively in the Parish activities.

We hope to make trips to visit other parishes in other divisions like Sri Aman, Kanowit, Kapit or Miri.

Contact person
Ms Elizabeth Kho

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