Ministry of Altar Serving

One of the important ministries in the parish is altar serving. The Altar servers are trained and formed in the ministry of altar serving by the leaders. These altar servers assist the priest at the altar during the Eucharistic celebration. They provide the necessary services for the priest so that he can carry out his ministry in the presence of the liturgical assembly. The number of altar servers required for each Eucharistic celebration depends on the type of celebration and functions required of the altar servers to perform.

The parish has three different mass groups of altar servers which have their own leaders to take care of their training and scheduling. The altar servers of a particular mass group submit themselves to the leadership of their group. All three mass group’s leader comes under the overall leader and his assistant. All leaders are appointed by the Rector. Leadership qualities are uncovered and enhanced through the formation programs that are provided. Like the Warden ministry during big feast days, the altar servers of these mass groups combine and work together under the leadership of the Ministry leader and his Assistant.


President Brian Chin 017 – 884 7478
Vice-President Alastair Ong 016 – 887 8956
Saturday Sunset Mass Leader Emmanuel Uzaraga 013 – 802 7381
Sunday Morning Mass Leader Braydan Chin 010 – 935 4406
Sunday Evening Mass Leader Nicholas Ho 017 – 853 3035
Wedding Mass Leader Marcus Wong 012 –883 5135
Weekday Mass & Holy Hour Devotion Leader Nicholas Goh 010 – 936 5700


Interested parishioners are cordially invited to join &

participate in the alter server ministry:

Registration form obtainable from any Altar Server before or after Mass.

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