Parish Liturgical Committee

The Parish life evolves around various liturgical celebrations and involves a great number of people in various ministries. A strong co-ordinating body under the Parish Liturgical committee will further enhance great participation of the worshipping assembly.

Our Parish liturgical committee is formed with the following aims.


1. To co-ordinate and prepare all liturgical activities of the Parish

2. To co-operate among all liturgical ministries of the Parish so that in all liturgical celebrations, each ministry knows exactly their role and carry out that role with great enthusiasm and dedication.

3. To evaluate important liturgical events of the Parish from time to time to see ways to improve them.

4. To work out formation programs for each ministry to deeper their commitment to their respective ministries and raise their level of inter-ministries co-operation.

5. Whenever required, to offer their services on Archdiocesan liturgical events.

Contact person
Chairman :
Robert Teo
Members :
Representatives of all liturgical ministries

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