The ministry of Readers and Commentators

The ministry of readers is one of proclaiming the word of God during the liturgy of the Word. These are men and women who are specially selected and trained to read the word of God to the worshipping assembly. They do not only read the word of God clearly but also interpret those words so that the people really listen to God speaking to them inviting them to enter into a deeper relationship with him. Hence, each reader when tasks to read the word of God during the liturgy of the Word must himself or herself prepare well not only in term of reading, but also his or her understanding of those words that has been entrusted to them to proclaim.

The ministry of commentating during the Eucharistic celebration is one of announcing hymns, indicating to the assembly their proper posture of standing, sitting or kneeling and other necessary announcements, so that the celebration can run smoothly.

In our Parish, readers and commentators, either during Eucharistic celebrations of weekday or weekend, are assigned by their co-ordinator who is appointed by the Rector.

Interested parishioners are cordially invited to join &
participate in the lector ministry (reader & commentator):

Please contact Parish Rector [ Rev. Fr Vincent Chin ] for appointment.
Parish Office [ 082-429140 ]

Dolly Lim

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