Kepah ~ Parish Newsletter 19

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 11TH – 12TH MAY 2019

 GAWAI THANKSGIVING MASS will be celebrated in the Cathedral on FRIDAY, 24TH MAY at 8:00 PM. All are welcome!

 DEVOTION OF OUR LADYin this Church throughout the month in MAY with Holy Rosary will be held 30 minutes before all Masses weekly from TUESDAY – SUNDAY. Except on 17TH MAY, the Holy Rosary is incorporated inside the Holy Hour. All are encouraged to come & participate.

The invitation of Our Blessed Mother Mary home is an on-going program of our Parish & requires Registration at the Parish Office during office hours.

COFFEE MORNINGbeing jointly organized by our Parish Youth Ministry & Ladies Guild will take place next SUNDAY 19TH MAY immediately after the morning mass.  All are welcome.

PRE-MARRIAGE COURSES in English, BM and Mandarin are scheduled on 8TH, 9TH, 15TH & 16TH JUNE. Couples planning to get married are required to attend this course at least six months before the intended wedding date. Registration forms are obtainable from St. Joseph’s Cathedral Parish Office and closing date is on 31ST MAY Please register early.

HOLY HOUR – will take place after the Daily Evening Mass on FRIDAY, 17TH MAY. The theme for the month is RISEN LORD, HAVE MARY ON US AND HELP US TO SUSTAIN THE JOY OF YOUR VICTORY OVER SIN AND DEATH. All are encourage to come & participate.

 COMBINED REQUIEM MASS – will be celebrated on 31ST MAY at 7:30 PM with HOLY ROSARY for the faithful departed at 7:00 PM. Please send in your Mass Intentions through the collection bag in an envelope during weekend’s masses.

TALK ON DIGITAL ADDICTION by Dr. Amar Singh will be organised on TUESDAY 21ST MAY, 7:30 PM at Mater Domini Auditorium, Level 2, A.C.C.P.C. To register, please call St Joseph’s Cathedral Parish Office Tel: 082-423424. There is no registration fee but love offering will be collected.

PAMPHLETS IN ENGLISH ON UNDERSTANDING DELIVERANCE, HEALING & EXORCISM IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by the Kuching Archdiocesan Ministry of Deliverance & Exorcism (KAMODE) are available outside the Church.





The Body of Christ


Fr. Paul McPartlan

No. 04




Faithful Jews had waited hundreds of years longing for the Servant to be revealed and longing for the salvation he would bring to them and to the whole world. He would clearly be one of them, and his solidarity with the people would enable a marvellous exchange, he would take their guilt upon himself and by his bruises would bring healing to all (Is 53:5). He would embody their salvation. On Good Friday, Jesus was revealed as the Servant on Calvary, living to the last in fidelity to God. On Easter Sunday, having been upheld by God, he was established as light of the nations.

We have four accounts in the New Testament of the Last Supper (Mt 26:26-29; Mk 14:22-25; Lk 22:15-20; 1 Co 11:23-26)

But how can we claim a part in the salvation he has won? The answer lies in what he already did on the evening of Holy Thursday, when he instituted the Eucharist. Those three days therefore form the most intense unity, and we celebrate them as a unity, the ‘Easter Triduum’. As the faithful Servant, Jesus instituted the Eucharist not just in anticipation of his sacrifice on Good Friday, but also totally trusting that God would uphold him and raise him up, such that ‘the whole Triduum paschale… is as it were gathered up, foreshadowed and “concentrated” for ever in the gift of the Eucharist’.


The bond between being reconciled with God and being reconciled with one another is a very rich one. God himself is the Trinity, the communion of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Son made man for us, and the life he comes to share with us is God’s life, the life of total and perfect communion. Those who are baptised into Christ are therefore baptised into communion, and the Church itself is called to be an image or icon of the Trinity. We see therefore the great significance of the fact that receiving the Eucharist is called receiving ‘Holy Communion’. The Eucharist renews the gift of our Baptism, as we saw earlier, and the life that we are receiving and renewing there is the communion life of God himself. It follows that, even though we receive the Eucharist individually, it is really communities and the whole Church that Christ is feeding. The Eucharist makes the Church. So we should be conscious of those with whom we receive; by receiving together we are really undertaking to bear witness together to the unity and peace of the Trinity.

Sin cuts us off from God and from one another. Jesus died ‘to gather together into one the scattered children of God’ (Jn 11:52). The fruit of his sacrifice is therefore our unity, or communion, both with God and with each other. That is why the Eucharist, which celebrates and renews, but never repeats, the sacrifice of Christ, is so deeply linked to the Church, the family of all those reconciled with God and with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. The Eucharist makes the Church to be what it is, a great ‘sacrament’, both ‘sign and instrument’ of communion with God and of unity among all people (cf LG 1).

That is why those who are about to receive exchange a sign of peace. The message is that those who are not prepared to be reconciled if they have been at odds with one another cannot proceed to receive the Eucharist. The Eucharist is about reconciliation. No disputes should emerge from the celebration of the Eucharist still intact. That is what Jesus teaches when he says: ‘if you are bringing your offering to the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, go and reconciled with your brother first, and then come back and present your offering’ (Mt 5:23-24).



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