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Parish Organization

Ladies Guild


St Peter’s Ladies Guild was founded by Rev. Sister Ita Ling in 1976.


The objectives of its formation were to uphold the dignity of women in the Parish and to provide for them an arena in which they could belong and can have a place to express themselves in contributing to the liturgical and pastoral works of the church.


The Guild has 15 Active members and 35 Life members and is a member of the Kuching Archdiocese Ladies Guild. The Vice Chairlady of the Kuching Archdiocese Ladies Guild for the period 2017-2020 is from St Peter’s Parish. Meeting is held every 2 months’ on a Saturday.



  • Christmas Carolling, bringing cheers to old and present Ladies Guild.
  • Co-ordinator for Chinese New Year Parish Open House after mass on the first day of Chinese New Year.
  • Participate in the Association of Churches Women World Day of Prayers and the Outreach program to visit longhouses.
  • Lenten Pilgrimage with the Parish to Mt. Singai.
  • Participate in leading the rosary in Church during the months of May and October.
  • Assist in the organisation of the St Peter’s Feast Day fellowship after the morning mass.
  • Attending the annual Recollection organised by the Archdiocese Ladies Guild.
  • Played host for the meeting of the Archdiocese Ladies Guild.
  • Contribution of RM200.00 to the St. Peter’s College Seminarian Fund.
  • Involvement in the Alpha and Symbolon faith formation program.
  • Weaving of Palm Crosses for distribution on Palm Sunday.
  • 5 Guilds will represent the Parish to attend the East Malaysia Catholic Women Conference which is held every 3 years.


  • Co-host with the Youth Ministry for ‘Coffee Morning’ on every 3rd Sunday after morning mass.
  • Recycling Project to create a “green awareness” with money collected going to the Guild’s fund.
Contact person
Ms Elizabeth Kho

[Archive] Parish Council – 2017


List of Parish Councillors
Term 2017  -2018

No. Name Designation Representation
1.  Rev. Fr. Vincent Chin President
2. Abraham Choo Chairman Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
3. Susanna Chow Secretary Today’s Catholic Reporting
4. Joseph Wong Treasurer Legion of Mary/ Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
5. Keith Yong Councillor Comm. for Youth
6. Elizabeth Kho Councillor Ladies Guilds
7. Jacob Wong Councillor Catholic Welfare Services
8. Anthony Tomik Councillor Star of the Sea Chapel (Bintawa)
9. Shenton Chai Councillor Commission for Bible & Faith Formation/ Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
10. Andy Lau Councillor Commission for Mission/ Human Development
11. Matthew Eden Councillor Commission for Christian Family Life
12. Victor Chin Councillor Development & Environment
13. Frederick Kuek Councillor Warden Ministry
14. Martin Chai Councillor Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
15. Joseph Yeo Councillor
16. Amy Tnay Councillor


Parish Council

List of Parish Councillors
Term 2019 – 2021

No. Name Designation
1.  Rev. Fr. Vincent Chin President
2. Joseph Wong Kee Choon Chairman
3. Matthew Eden Vice Chairman
4. Leonard Chang Kui Peng Secretary
5. Amy Tnay (Nichola) Asst. Secretary
6. Damian Ho Soon Aik Treasurer
7. Anthony Tomik Councillor
8. Elizabeth Kho Councillor
9. Frederick Kuek Councillor
10. James Jonik Councillor
11. Joseph Yeo Councillor
12. Keith Yong Councillor
13. Robin Loi Fui Sek Councillor
14. Shenton Chai Councillor
15. Victor Chin Councillor


[Jun-2019] Ladies Guild

St. Peter’s Ladies’ Guild was founded by Reverend Sister Ita Ling in 1976. Part of the Objectives of its formation was to uphold the dignity of women in the Parish and to provide for them an arena in which they could belong and can have a place to express themselves in contributing to the liturgical and pastoral works of the church.

The Guild is member of the Kuching Archdiocesan Ladies’ Guild. Our Vice President is holding the post of Treasurer in the Archdiocesan Ladies’ Guild.

The Guild at present has 42 members. Monthly meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month in St Peter’s Parish Centre.

Our activities include annual outing, helping to provide the food at the Chinese New Year Open House, Home visiting, and Lenten Pilgrimage to name a few.

Some of our members are involved in the Liturgical Ministries such as the Choir and Readers and Commentators. Some are also involved in the CAFE’ workshops.

We hope to recruit new members especially the younger set so that more parishioners may be given the chance to participate actively in the Parish activities.

We hope to make trips to visit other parishes in other divisions like Sri Aman, Kanowit, Kapit or Miri.

Contact person
Ms Elizabeth Kho

Ministry of Sacristan

One of the “hidden” liturgical ministries is that of sacristan. The Sacristan normally works behind the scene to ensure that the Eucharistic celebration may be able to carry out smoothly. Her jobs include opening and locking up the church, ensuring the church is appropriately decorated, making certain that what is required for the celebration is where it is supposed to be and many other little things.

Many parishioners fail to realize such an important service this particular ministry is providing for the worshipping assembly.


Daniel Kho
Tel: 016-8661756

Ministry of Altar Serving

One of the important ministries in the parish is altar serving. The Altar servers are trained and formed in the ministry of altar serving by the leaders. These altar servers assist the priest at the altar during the Eucharistic celebration. They provide the necessary services for the priest so that he can carry out his ministry in the presence of the liturgical assembly. The number of altar servers required for each Eucharistic celebration depends on the type of celebration and functions required of the altar servers to perform.

The parish has three different mass groups of altar servers which have their own leaders to take care of their training and scheduling. The altar servers of a particular mass group submit themselves to the leadership of their group. All three mass group’s leader comes under the overall leader and his assistant. All leaders are appointed by the Rector. Leadership qualities are uncovered and enhanced through the formation programs that are provided. Like the Warden ministry during big feast days, the altar servers of these mass groups combine and work together under the leadership of the Ministry leader and his Assistant.


President Brian Chin 017 – 884 7478
Vice-President Alastair Ong 016 – 887 8956
Saturday Sunset Mass Leader Emmanuel Uzaraga 013 – 802 7381
Sunday Morning Mass Leader Braydan Chin 010 – 935 4406
Sunday Evening Mass Leader Nicholas Ho 017 – 853 3035
Wedding Mass Leader Marcus Wong 012 –883 5135
Weekday Mass & Holy Hour Devotion Leader Nicholas Goh 010 – 936 5700


Interested parishioners are cordially invited to join &

participate in the alter server ministry:

Registration form obtainable from any Altar Server before or after Mass.