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Parish Organization

Mission & Evangelization


Mission & Evangelization offers the truth about what Jesus Christ would think, say or do in our day and age. It opens an alternative door to the one the world offers. To walk through or to walk away? You decide.

Not so long ago, I had this conversation with a friend (unknown). Read On..Unknown: hey! Where do you disappear to, every lunch time?Catholic: urr… I go visit a friend.

Unknown: and you visit this friend daily?

Catholic: Yup!

Unknown: wow! Must be some friend! What has he done to deserve this attention?

Catholic: u mean other than being a friend who is always there for me,
he did do something like put his own life on the line by being tortured,
insulted, spitted on, dressed up with thorns, hanging on a tree, thirsty
and fed with vinegar, pierced with a spear, bled water and blood
for the sake of people who rejected him.

Unknown: oh… That guy.. Heard of him.. I also heard that he belongs
to the past and has no relevance now.. What say you?

Catholic: yeah.. I also heard that faith, hope and love are things
that belong in the past as well.. Yet… Everyone seems to be
chasing after it all the time.. but always looking at the wrong places.

Unknown: something to think about eh?

Contact person
Mr Joseph Yeo
Tel: 016-8648866

Family Life


To build holy and wholesome families in the service of God and men.


(1) Develop love and healthy relationship among family members.
(2) Impress on parents to spend quality time with their children.
(3) Assist parents to form and bring their children up well.
(4) Look after the singles, aged and migrant families.
(5) Pass message on to parents to accept children lovingly from God.


Upcoming activities and seminars will be announced in the church bulletin board from time to time.

The Headquarters of the Christian Family Life Commission (CFLC) is in St. Joseph’s Parish, Kuching and is currently being headed by Peter Wong.
St. Peter’s Parish representative to CFLC: Mr Matthew Eden, Councillor of St Peter’s Parish Council

Contact person
Matthew Eden
Tel: 019-8197748

Queen of Angels

圣母军组织 —- 教友组织

圣母军是一个全球性的(国际性)的教友组织。在1921年9月7日,由杜辉 先生(Frank Duff)及几位教友在爱尔兰 ,都柏林城内(Ireland Dublin City)召 开第一次会议,演变成今日普世的圣母军组织。它的主要目的是成圣自己 (团员) ,圣化他人。

古晋华文圣母军1957年2月10日由已故庞征鸿神父( late Rev. Fr. Joachim Pa’ang)的领导之下,开创了[和平之后]支团。由於团员人数日增,先后增 加了数个支团,全部隶属於古晋英文区团管辖。团员因语言不通,甚感不 便。於是在1974年5 月12 日,由已故罗先晃兄弟筹备及推动,在雷主教 之见证下 ,终于成立了[华文区团]。 [古晋华文区团]在1986 年 5月18日 的区团会议中,由总神师钟万庭总主教正式命名为[光荣圣母区团] 。目前 [光荣圣母区团]属下共有15个支团散布在各堂区。

— 帮忙教要理及主日学
— 探访冷淡教友家庭
— 慰问福利部如残障院,盲人院和老人院病人, 精神病院及医院的病人
— 协助丧家办理后事,送葬及通功
— 领导家庭玫瑰经
— 帮助推动教会刊物
— 教堂内外服务及意向祈祷

圣母年活动: 举办常年避静 ,检阅典礼 ,户外活动如郊游,圣诞节报佳音及青年生活营。

本堂区 ( St. Peter’s Parish ) 有两个英文支团及一个华文支团即 [天神之后] 支团(Queen of Angels Pdn.)。

第一个英文圣母军支团是在08.01.1967成立,而华文支团则是由於当时缺 乏会讲华语的教友帮忙堂区内传教事务,所以本堂区已故恩纳神父 (late Rev. Fr. P.Aichner) 於 1972年邀请圣若瑟堂区的圣母军帮忙 。在恩纳神父的鼓 励下, 1972年9月10日罗先晃兄弟率领了圣若瑟堂区[和平之后]支团的部 份团员告别了该支团 ,终於成立了[天神之后]支团。

chinese_legion_1 chinese_legion_2

支团每主日下午 2 时30 分至 4 时在堂区中心 Room 5召开周会 。支团目 前团员只有10 位,主内兄弟姐妹们 ,圣母军的大门永远开着,期待你们 进来。参加圣母军是不分性别,年龄与学历的。有意成为圣母军团员之教


导 师: 汪碧珠 Theresa Ang 082-255313(R) / 016 779 6265
团 长: 谢秀欽 Angela Sia 082-335303
副团长: 林月蓉 Maria Lin 082-414916
秘 书: 郑安娜 Chang Ana 012-8909896
会 计: 黄文珍 Catherine Wong 082-485629/ 012-8841399
团 员: 刘巧仙 Ursula Law 082-454405/ 012-8021989
黄良清 Anna Wong 019-8886760
黄巧珠 Agnes Wong 082-333519
徐传琴 Annie Sii 019-8189698
沈赛英 Lucy Sim

Legion of Mary (English)

The Legion of Mary is an Association of Catholics who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all Graces, have formed themselves into a Legion for her service.

The Legionnaries (as members of the Legion are known) hope to render themselves worthy of their great heavenly Queen by their loyalty, their virtues and their courage.

It was founded by Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland on 7 September, 1921 and today, it has hundreds of Praesidium (as individual units are known) all over the world. There are more than 10 Praesidia in Kuching alone. Its object is for the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary’s and the Church’s work of advancing the reign of Christ on earth and crushing the head of the serpent.

In our St Peter’s Parish, there are 3 Praesidia (2 English speaking and 1 Mandarin speaking). The 2 Praesidia are called Mater Misericordiae and Mater Ecclesiae Praesidium. Members are given weekly assignment e.g. hospital visitation of the sick, wake prayers, prayers for the sick or infirmed at their homes, Cheshire Home visitation, Old Folks visitation, etc. Other than assignments, Legionnaries also have outdoor activities like picnics, visiting kampungs, gotong royong projects, pilgrimages, etc.

Our weekly meetings at St Peter’s Parish Centre are as follows:

1.  Mater Misericordiae Pdm

Sunday 7.30 pm

2.  Mater Ecclesiae Pdm

Sunday 10.15 am

For those who wish to find out more about the Legion of Mary and its activities, please feel free to attend any of our weekly meetings as stated above or contact Bro. Stephen Yii (019-8195108) or Bro. Stanislaus Yu (019 886 3463) for further information.



A caring Parish through the practice of merciful acts.


>> To provide an authentic form of Divine Mercy Devotion.
>> To proclaim and entreat Divine Mercy for the world and to strive to practice the works of mercy following the example of Saint Faustina.
>> To avail the comfort of Divine Mercy for all who need it.
>> To practice fervent and unceasing prayers.
>> To promote God’s message of Mercy for every human being as revealed in the Holy Scripture. (Mt 5:7)

Brief History

The Devotion to Divine Mercy at St Peter’s Church was inspired by the Daily 3pm Divine Mercy Devotion (DMD) at Saints Peter and Paul Church, Queen Street, Singapore. During the 40 days retreat in Singapore, Ir and Mrs Michael Hii were much comforted by the Merciful Lord and with the blessing of Rector Rev Fr. Vincent Chin, St Peter’s Church started the daily 3pm DMD at St Peter’s Church on Friday 18 June 2010.

St Peter’s Divine Mercy Apostolate (DMA) was formed with Ir Michael Hii appointed as Chairman, it was launched on the Feast Day of Saint Faustina on 5 October 2010.

With a group of dedicated leaders, DMD community prayers are said in the Church at 3 o’clock everyday of the year. On special occasions that’s on Good Friday, the DMD is said at 1 pm, and on St Faustina’s Feast Day 5 Oct., DMD is said at 8 pm after the Feast Day Mass. DMA organizes visits to the poor twice a year.

Major Celebrations fall on Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter Sunday) and St Faustina Feast day (5 Oct). Novena to the DM is said twice a year in the Church – one starts on Good Friday and another one before the St Faustina Feast day.

DMA Year in Brief

Lent Visiting the POOR
Good Friday Novena to DM Day 1
Holy Saturday Novena to DM Day 2
Easter Sunday Novena to DM Day 3
Easter Monday Novena to DM Day 4
Tuesday in Octave of Easter Novena to DM Day 5
Wednesday in Octave of Easter Novena to DM Day 6
Thursday in Octave of Easter Novena to DM Day 7
Friday in Octave of Easter Novena to DM Day 8
Saturday in Octave of Easter Novena to DM Day 9
Divine Mercy Sunday FEAST OF MERCY
September/October Exhibition
26 Sep Novena to DM Day 1
27 Sep Novena to DM Day 2
28 Sep Novena to DM Day 3
29 Sep Novena to DM Day 4
30 Sep Novena to DM Day 5
1 Oct Novena to DM Day 6
2 Oct Novena to DM Day 7
3 Oct Novena to DM Day 8
4 Oct Novena to DM Day 9
5 Oct ST FAUSTINA Feast Day
Advent Visiting the POOR
St Peter’s Church, Padungan
Contact Person
Ir Michael Hii (Chairman)
Phone: 019-8877 336
Petition to DM:
DMA Web Page:
Useful Links

[Jun-2019] Bintawa Chapel Committee




2017 – 2019

Spiritual Advisor Rev. Father Vincent Chin
Advisor Anthony Tomik
 Chairman James Jonik Oren
 Vice Chairman John Pui Pin Soon
 Secretary Puan Rose Ak Luncha
 Assistant Secretary Andrea Venessa Ak. John
 Assistant Secretary Beatrice Bimar Ak. Jokar
 Treasurer Charles Sepi Ak. Dakin
 Assistant Treasurer Paul Dadzen Ak. Simun
Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Bintawa Charles Sepi  Ak. Dakin
William Ak. Chapi
Queen of Peace, Sg. Priok Michael Niyong Ak. Ugat
John Edward Ak. Apap
Queen of Angel, Sg. Apong Stephen Sumbang
Andrew Agam
John Albert Ak. Alepak
Rennedy Anak Agam
Queen of Happiness, Demak Laut Elizabeth Connie
Mathew Mundan Migang
Lucas Bandi Ak. Nyawah
 KKK Youth Bintawa
 Leader John Edward Ak. Apap
 Assistant Leader Elizabeth Vienise Ak. Jadam
 Catechism Facilitator RCIA, RCIT, RCIC
 Leader John Jackson Ak. Sious
 Prayer Leader Joseph Akee Ak. Siyium
 Leader James Jonik Oren
Warden Ketua John Pui Pin Soon
Assistant Warden Chief Jeffrey Nohi Ak. Nyamu



Youth & Vocation

Catholic Youth Web Links

Take a look at links below:
Life Teen 
Catholic Youth Work 


“Come, Follow Me”


Youth experiencing Christian Love and Faith, committed to serve the Catholic Church in various capacity and open to the call to be priests and religious.


To provide a platform for our young people to discover a meaningful involvement in serving the Church, guiding them in living the Gospel life and lead them to a personal experience of Jesus. Provide them with spiritual, catechetical, dutiful, physical and social direction. Together we support and journey with them in building a strong Catholic community able to withstand societal challenges. Sow the seed of vocations to the priesthood and religious life among our young people and journey with them.


The Youth and Vocation Ministry in the parish has been purposefully split into 2 distinct teams namely the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) and the Parish Vocation Team (PVT). The split is intended to make each team more manageable and allow the team to have absolute focus in achieving its goals and objective. Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) membership is opened to all the young people both students and working adults. The Ministry has been tasked to organize activities and gather young people together in the parish. PYM aims to help our young people in finding their calling and be actively involved in the Church’s activities and ministries. PYM is a member of the Archdiocesan Commission for Youth and Vocation (CYV) and will participate in CYV and CYV’s members’ activities. Parish Vocation Team (PVT) aims to have a full spectrum of vocation represented in the team namely Priesthood, Religious, Married and Single. The Team has been tasked to promote vocations especially to the Priesthood and Religious life in the parish. Vocation related activities will be organized within the parish as well as the Archdiocese. The Team worked very closely with the Archdiocesan Commission for Youth and Vocation (CYV) to achieve its goals.

Contact person
Mr. Keith Yong
Tel: 012-8871774
Coordinator for Youth & Vocation
St Peter’s Church, Padungan
 … Related Information

purple_arrow  S.I.T.A or “Stay In Touch Always” is a project by Malaysian Catholic Student Council (MCSC) which aims to help create a system that will enable all campuses to reach out and welcome the new intake of Catholic Students in the various Universities throughout Malaysia.

You may register yourself at or contact Archdiocesan Youth Coordinating Office at 082-237237 for more information.