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[Archive] Parish Council – 2017


List of Parish Councillors
Term 2017  -2018

No. Name Designation Representation
1.  Rev. Fr. Vincent Chin President
2. Abraham Choo Chairman Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
3. Susanna Chow Secretary Today’s Catholic Reporting
4. Joseph Wong Treasurer Legion of Mary/ Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
5. Keith Yong Councillor Comm. for Youth
6. Elizabeth Kho Councillor Ladies Guilds
7. Jacob Wong Councillor Catholic Welfare Services
8. Anthony Tomik Councillor Star of the Sea Chapel (Bintawa)
9. Shenton Chai Councillor Commission for Bible & Faith Formation/ Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
10. Andy Lau Councillor Commission for Mission/ Human Development
11. Matthew Eden Councillor Commission for Christian Family Life
12. Victor Chin Councillor Development & Environment
13. Frederick Kuek Councillor Warden Ministry
14. Martin Chai Councillor Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
15. Joseph Yeo Councillor
16. Amy Tnay Councillor



Parish Council

List of Parish Councillors
Term 2019 – 2021

No. Name Designation
1.  Rev. Fr. Vincent Chin President
2. Joseph Wong Kee Choon Chairman
3. Matthew Eden Vice Chairman
4. Leonard Chang Kui Peng Secretary
5. Amy Tnay (Nichola) Asst. Secretary
6. Damian Ho Soon Aik Treasurer
7. Anthony Tomik Councillor
8. Elizabeth Kho Councillor
9. Frederick Kuek Councillor
10. James Jonik Councillor
11. Joseph Yeo Councillor
12. Keith Yong Councillor
13. Robin Loi Fui Sek Councillor
14. Shenton Chai Councillor
15. Victor Chin Councillor


[Jun-2019] Bintawa Chapel Committee




2017 – 2019

Spiritual Advisor Rev. Father Vincent Chin
Advisor Anthony Tomik
 Chairman James Jonik Oren
 Vice Chairman John Pui Pin Soon
 Secretary Puan Rose Ak Luncha
 Assistant Secretary Andrea Venessa Ak. John
 Assistant Secretary Beatrice Bimar Ak. Jokar
 Treasurer Charles Sepi Ak. Dakin
 Assistant Treasurer Paul Dadzen Ak. Simun
Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Bintawa Charles Sepi  Ak. Dakin
William Ak. Chapi
Queen of Peace, Sg. Priok Michael Niyong Ak. Ugat
John Edward Ak. Apap
Queen of Angel, Sg. Apong Stephen Sumbang
Andrew Agam
John Albert Ak. Alepak
Rennedy Anak Agam
Queen of Happiness, Demak Laut Elizabeth Connie
Mathew Mundan Migang
Lucas Bandi Ak. Nyawah
 KKK Youth Bintawa
 Leader John Edward Ak. Apap
 Assistant Leader Elizabeth Vienise Ak. Jadam
 Catechism Facilitator RCIA, RCIT, RCIC
 Leader John Jackson Ak. Sious
 Prayer Leader Joseph Akee Ak. Siyium
 Leader James Jonik Oren
Warden Ketua John Pui Pin Soon
Assistant Warden Chief Jeffrey Nohi Ak. Nyamu



Youth & Vocation

Catholic Youth Web Links

Take a look at links below:
Life Teen 
Catholic Youth Work 


“Come, Follow Me”


Youth experiencing Christian Love and Faith, committed to serve the Catholic Church in various capacity and open to the call to be priests and religious.


To provide a platform for our young people to discover a meaningful involvement in serving the Church, guiding them in living the Gospel life and lead them to a personal experience of Jesus. Provide them with spiritual, catechetical, dutiful, physical and social direction. Together we support and journey with them in building a strong Catholic community able to withstand societal challenges. Sow the seed of vocations to the priesthood and religious life among our young people and journey with them.


The Youth and Vocation Ministry in the parish has been purposefully split into 2 distinct teams namely the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) and the Parish Vocation Team (PVT). The split is intended to make each team more manageable and allow the team to have absolute focus in achieving its goals and objective. Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) membership is opened to all the young people both students and working adults. The Ministry has been tasked to organize activities and gather young people together in the parish. PYM aims to help our young people in finding their calling and be actively involved in the Church’s activities and ministries. PYM is a member of the Archdiocesan Commission for Youth and Vocation (CYV) and will participate in CYV and CYV’s members’ activities. Parish Vocation Team (PVT) aims to have a full spectrum of vocation represented in the team namely Priesthood, Religious, Married and Single. The Team has been tasked to promote vocations especially to the Priesthood and Religious life in the parish. Vocation related activities will be organized within the parish as well as the Archdiocese. The Team worked very closely with the Archdiocesan Commission for Youth and Vocation (CYV) to achieve its goals.

Contact person
Mr. Keith Yong
Tel: 012-8871774
Coordinator for Youth & Vocation
St Peter’s Church, Padungan
 … Related Information

purple_arrow  S.I.T.A or “Stay In Touch Always” is a project by Malaysian Catholic Student Council (MCSC) which aims to help create a system that will enable all campuses to reach out and welcome the new intake of Catholic Students in the various Universities throughout Malaysia.

You may register yourself at or contact Archdiocesan Youth Coordinating Office at 082-237237 for more information.