St. Peter’s Columbarium

St Peter’s Columbarium, the first Catholic columbarium in Sarawak was completed in January 2019 after a 12 months’ construction period. The blessing and ground breaking ceremony for the site was held on 05 December 2017 by the Archbishop of Kuching, Archbishop Simon Poh.

Located within the vicinity of St Peter’s Church, Padungan, the columbarium was blessed and officially opened by Archbishop Simon Poh on Sunday, 24 March 2019, the eve of the feast of Annunciation with the celebration of the Eucharist at 7.30 a.m at St Peter’s Church.

The columbarium provides a proper final resting place for those who opt for cremation. It is also to restore an old tradition of the Catholic Church, where a cemetery is located next to the church, so that the departed are close to the believing community and not forgotten. The proximity of the columbarium to the church makes it convenient for church-goers to visit and pray for their departed loved ones as often as they go to the church.

The columbarium is one of three development project undertaken by St Peter’s Parish which is under the pastoral care of the Rector of the Church, Rev. Fr. Vincent Chin.

“When we decided to have this columbarium, we make it our responsibility and commitment to include the departed on every All Souls Day and every Friday in November and in their death anniversary month, regardless if their families offer Mass for them or not,” said Fr Chin. He said a lot of parishioners are worried there is no one to pray for them when they passed on because their children are overseas and they have no other relatives or friends in town. “We assure them  that they will be taken care of,” he added.

The two-storey columbarium can house roughly five thousand people. There are two types of niches offered, for married couple and single person. The donation for single ones range from RM5K – 8K, while the donation for married couples range from RM8K – RM13K, depending on the levels. There will be six levels of the niches.For those who are interested to secure a space, please contact the Parish office at 082-429140 during office hours.


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